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Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
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Popping up at Katong I12 with Liliewoods & Friends!

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If you are in Eastie in Singapore, come by to Liliewoods & Friends at Katong I12 #01-24! This is a Christmas Pop-Up and we are showcasing our Small World Play Series! We've packed everything from fillers to figurines to scoopers so you have an All-in-One pack to start playing right away! 

You can choose from the following Small World Play Packs currently available in-store:

  • Arctic Small World Play - Make your own instant snow!
  • Farm Small World Play - Old Macdonald's Farm is always a favourite with the kids
  • Train Small World Play - Chug along with trains and carriages
  • Construction Small World Play - Dig in to kinetic sand and load your contruction toys with beans! 
  • Dinosaur Small World Play (coming soon) - Watch a volcano erupt and identify dinosaurs as you play with cassia seeds

When we started Tickle Your Senses, our aim was really to help tired and busy moms to make sensory play readily available. You don't have to rush to different places to gather your supplies. Our Starter Packs are ready-to-play and you can use whatever you have at home as add-ons too. We've chosen various themes for you to choose from, based on interests of children. The Toobs figurines included in the play packs are non-toxic, authentic figures that encourage exploration and curiosity in all of us. They allow for endless possibilities for creative, imaginative play.

Small World Play is an invitation to a child to imagine, create stories and scenerios based on whatever comes to mind. In terms of language development, it is an ideal way to facilitate the extension of thematic vocabulary. In terms of creative and critical thinking, it is an ideal way for children to concretise the ideas that they imagine in their mind's eye! 

Don't know where to start? Come for our Small World Play Session on 18 November. We'd love to meet you, show you how to set up your own invitation to play and answer any questions you might have regarding Small World Play. We hope to see you there!

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