The Art of Gift-Giving through a Gift Registry

Do you have too many choices to make this Christmas? We live in a world of plenty and many of our children are blessed to have all their needs and wants met. They don’t lack anything, yet we do wish that they be gifted the toys and activity sets that suit their learning and interests. We are excited to be of help!

This Christmas, YOU can help your loved ones choose appropriate gifts that spark joy for you and your children by narrowing down choices to the few presents that you (and your children) will be delighted to receive! 


How does a Gift Registry Work? 

Our Tickle Your Senses Gift Registry is a compilation of presents you get to choose for your children from our one-stop sensory play store. These are the gifts you think they will enjoy, and the presents you will like having in your home. You can choose gifts that they can play with right away, or something else that they will enjoy 6 months down the road when Christmas is long over, when you need a new activity or toy then. 

Has your child ever received a gift he/she already had or did not really enjoy playing with? With your gift registry in place and shared, your loved ones are able to pick their choices for the children based on your wish list. In this way, your friends and family will know for sure that their presents will be enjoyed and appreciated! We think that’s definitely a win-win for everyone. 

Ready to Get Started? We’re so excited for you to try. More details can be found at our Gift Registry Page.

Create your gift registry today. 

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