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Chinese New Year Dress Up Playdough Kit

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Say hello to the Chinese New Year Edition of the Dress Up Sensory Play Kit! In collaboration with the sticker fairy at Stickiemail, We've created version 3.0 for our one-of-a-kind Dress Up Kit for the chinese new year festivities! New clothes to usher in the New Year!

Get your little fashion designers to doll the children up in Chinese New Year clothing, creatively designed by your child! Get creative with playdough as they create to their heart's content! 

This Kit includes: 

  • 4 tubs of 150g playdough (yellow, pink, turquoise and bright green) 
  • 7 custom-made and designed clothes cutters
  • 1 boy + 1 girl playdough mat for you to dress up the 2 kids 

You might also like to add-on a 3-inch sticker maker and we'll throw in 1 packet of custom designed clothes cut-outs for you to dress the dolls up sticker-style with the same mat! Did you know our clothes cutters match perfectly with the dress up stickers designed by the sticker fairy at Stickiemail?

PS: We think that the adults will have loads of fun with this kit too!  

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