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Chinese Numbers Board (2-sided; Treasures From Jennifer)

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 This lovely wooden board is an original ‘From Jennifer’ design that combines tracing and counting into a learning tool for children! With this, your child will learn how to form their Chinese numbers correctly and also learn what each number represents.

This 2-sided Chinese number board offers a wonderful combination of large numbers for tracing on 1 side & smaller dimples fit counting on the other side. 

Children can trace the large numbers and grooves to feel the motion of writing each number on 1 side. They may also enjoy doing crayon rubbings of the large numbers before writing again over them. 

  • Material: Maple hardwood board engraved with gently curved grooves, for tracing with either finger or with a tracing stick. 
  • Double-sided Versatility: Large Chinese characters (1-10) on 1 side, Smaller Chinese characters with corresponding number of dimples on the other side 
  • Dimensions: 27cm by 19cm by 1.3cm thick (perfect for kids!) 
If if you prefer taste-safe, edible options: we recommend filling the dimples & numbers with our awesome taste-safe RAINBOW playdough of course! Alternatively, use colored rice, cheerios, corn, green beans, soy beans, barley, rainbow sprinkles, etc.
  • It it is light enough to carry around on car or train rides too, so your child can have something on the go!

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