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Chinese Strokes II Acrylic Puzzle

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We're back with a 2nd launch of our passion project with the wonderful 黄老师 of Playlexue!

Introduce your preschooler to the basic strokes required to write in Chinese. We have added on another 16 basic strokes to help your child build a strong foundation in the Chinese language. Most importantly, it’ll help them learn in a fun & hands-on way!

Pair them with Playlexue's one-of-a-kind acryclic strokes puzzle for a tactile and engaging time of learning. These acrylic strokes puzzle pieces are perfect complements to the Chinese Strokes Sensory II Play Cards!

Children learn best through their sense of touch, so help them learn through this fun way today! Feel free to give us feedback on them too! 

P.S This contains a set of acrylic puzzle with 16 acrylic strokes only with Yellow Puzzle Base + Green Strokes. They do not come with Playdough tubs or cards (photos are for illustration purposes).

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