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Coloured Rice Alphabet Kit

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Our vibrantly colored rice is taste-safe, non-toxic as only food grade ingredients are used.

This Kit promises to be great fun as the kids learn about letter recognition. Let the young ones scoop, pour, sift and sink their fingers into the colored rice tub to develop their fine motor skills and sensory capacities. The Kit comes with a 26-piece alphabet set that you can hide in the rice for some searching and hunting fun as part of your games! Letter recognition can be done in a much more fun way than the usual chalk and talk with this kit. Let them hunt and search for letters that spell words that they have just learnt about, or simply add your own items or figurines in to add to their small world play.  A little color goes a long way with this cool colored rice kit!

Each Kit comes with the following:

  • 2 tubs of 500g rainbow colored rice
  • 2 transparent food grade bowls
  • 1 sturdy ice-cream scoop
  • 26-piece uppercase wooden alphabet set

P.P.S To maintain the best quality of the rice, please ensure that your child’s hands are dry when playing with them. Wet rice will not keep well or for long. All our ingredients are natural and food grade.

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