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Life Cycle of A Frog

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Looking for lead-free and safety tested products to teach your children abt Life cycles of amphibians & plants? Look no further than the realistic and detailed products of the Safariology® Life Cycles.

How did the tadpole grow those legs? Where do the gills or lungs come from? Help your child to find out more with this set of Life Cycle of a Frog. You’ll see five clear stages in the growth of this amazing amphibian: eggs, tadpole, tadpole without gills, tadpole with legs, adult frog 

Grab some waterbeads and throw these in to recreate the scene of a pond for your child. There’s nothing better than learning through play, effortlessly and painlessly.;) 

Learning with manipulatives that children can squeeze, touch, and play with reinforces scientific concepts in their young minds and creates a sense of wonder in them for the beauty of nature’s creatures.

NOTE: Grown Frog Measures: 2.25” L (5.5 cm). 

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