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Mikheev Dinosaurs

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Rawr!!! These Dinosaurs come all the way from the forests of Russia. They are hand made from solid ash or birch trees & hand coloured with water-based paint that makes the paint coat semi-transparent. This keeps the wood grains visible.

This set consists of 6 Friendly Dinos: 

Diplodocus (blue) - 15cm х 10 см 
Parasaurolophus (yellow) - 9.5cm x 8 cm 
Stegosaurus (green w red spikes) - 15 cm x 8cm 
Tyrannosaurus Rex (green and orange) - 11 cm x 11 cm 
Triceratops (lilac) - 15.5cm x 8 cm 
Pterodactyl  (winged) - 9.5 cm x 8 cm 

All Dinos have rounded edges, & are sturdy & solid enough for small hands to hold & play with. They can stand still independently on a flat surface & are great for stacking up.  

Each animal is painted with colours that are as light/natural as possible with intricate details to give character to each toy. Each animal is roundish in overall shape, it’s surface smooth & safe for young ones. There are no sharp parts. 

Mikheev woodmakers believe that wood is one of the best materials to make toys with as it is hard, durable & naturally warm and comforting to the touch. Having wood toys in a playroom compensate for the lack of nature & greenery that many of us contend with in our everyday urban city life.

Maintenance: Clean these toys with a slightly damp cloth. Do not wash them so that the water-based paint will not fade or wash out. The colour and wood texture may differ slightly from the pictures.

*The set is recommended for children aged 2 years old  and older. 


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