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Zoom Special Vehicles Playdough Kit

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Calling all cars, trucks, and vehicle lovers!

Here's a Playdough Kit that we created just for the child who loves all things that go! With this kit, you can create all kinds of transportation scenes on the road or in the sky with a wide range of vehicles that we have custom made on our own. Yes, trust us when we say that they are one of a kind! You won't be able to find them anywhere else.

Choose whatever way you want to travel today: Vroom, Zoom or Blast off if that's what you prefer! Honestly, the sky is the limit, or is it? 

Each Zoom Special Vehicles Playdough Kit will come with

  • 4 150g tubs of taste-safe, scented playdough (red, blue, green, yellow) 
  • 6 special vehicle cutters custom-made by us! (You'll get a car, lorry, train, rocket, aeroplane and helicopter cutter) 
  • 2 custom-made playdough mats (1 for road travel and 1 for sky travel)
  • Rolling Pin

PS: Check out our Space Exploration Playdough Kit if you are looking for a Playdough Kit for space travel, ok? :) 

Choose from 2 delivery dates, depending on when you need it: 

  • If you intend to use the playdough kit for a playdate with friends to play within 2 weeks of purchase, you can choose an earlier delivery date.
  • If you intend to give it as a Christmas gift, choose a later delivery date so the playdough can be made fresh later for you to give away. 

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