Alphabet Playdough Kit
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Alphabet Playdough Kit

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Looking for a way to teach your child their ABCs in an enjoyable way? How about teaching it with some playdough fun? Our ever popular Alphabet Playdough Kit will equip your child to learn the alphabet in a fun and hands-on way! Let your child press each cutter down to form the letters of the alphabet. You can form your name, his name or just your favourite letters in the vibrant colours of our taste- safe playdough!

We usually recommend this kit for those aged 2.5 years and above. 

Each Kit comes with

  • 4 tubs of dough
  • 26 letter cutters
  • an extruder for honing strength in fingers!

Choose your preferred dough colours from our rainbow playdough collection (Set A or Set B) that you think your child will love!

Set A Playdough colours – red, blue, green, yellow

Set B Playdough colours – orange, blue, pink, purple

N.B. Playdough cutters may vary in colour