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Dear Zoo Playdough Book Kit

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What would you want for a pet if you could write to the zoo to ask for one? Maybe a monkey to laugh with or lion to protect you, or a giraffee, if it could fit into your house that is! World famous ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell is a classic kids’ book that is a must have on any bookshelf!

To make this a really fun kit, we’ve painstakingly designed our original custom-made playdough cutters in the shape of the animals found in the book! What’s best is that are one-of-a-kind cutters that you can’t find anywhere else.

With this kit, we want to encourage you to read, play and learn with your child as you enjoy this DEAR ZOO Playdough Book Kit!

 This Dear Zoo Playdough Kit comes with the following:

  • 4 tubs of taste-safe dough in 150g 
  • 6 made-in-singapore original animal cutters (snake, giraffee, lion, elephant, frog, dog) 
  • 2 specially designed mats to use the dough on
  • some googly eyes 
  • optional: English or Mandarin Dear Zoo Book

Yes, you can opt to purchase the English or Mandarin version of the Dear Zoo book. Or, even better, grab both for a bilingual exploration with your kid about animal names! 

We think this kit makes for an awesome birthday present for any kid too, so let us know if you need some gift wrapping services from us. Pls tell us what you think of this kit, we’d love to hear from you. Happy playing! 


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