Foodie Playdough Kit
Foodie Playdough Kit
Foodie Playdough Kit
Foodie Playdough Kit
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Foodie Playdough Kit

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Are you a foodie or have a foodie in the family? Have a child who loves to try all sorts of new food? Want to encourage your child to be open to food options? Look no further and say hello to our Foodie Playdough Kit!

Here’s what you can find in our sensory play kit:

• 4 150g tubs of taste-safe, scented playdough (red, brown, yellow and white)
• 4 custom-designed food cutters (pizza, sushi, kuning fish, drumstick) originally designer by Us. 
• 1 plating playdough mat
• 1 noodle extruder (for wanton mee or spaghetti)
• 4 skewer sticks (for satay or fishballs) 

Use this Foodie Playdough kit to introduce your child to both local and international cuisines!

Create a delicious nasi lemak dish, add oodles of noodles (they will love squeezing them out of the extruder for sure), shape different types of sushi(salmon, tuna, tamago, ikura), make pizza with loads of toppings, create the meat satay skewers or even fishballs on sticks too!

Singapore is a food haven, there’s no denying it so let’s introduce the rich and good variety of food to our children as they grow. Grab this kit & Chomp away!