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Sweet Treats Playdough Kit V2.0

Regular price $49.90

Want the kids to enjoy all the sweet desserts without consuming them or getting cavities? Our upgraded Dessert Playdough Kit will provide hours of fun after meal time and with friends! Make some playdough popcorn too for movie night!

This playdough kit comes with the following:

  • 4 tubs of handmade, taste-safe, scented playdough (white, brown, light pink and yellow)
  • 4 sweet treats cutters (ice cream cone, sundae
  • 2 mini ice cream cones
  • coloured rice for rainbow sprinkles
  • loose parts for toppings (chocolates and sweets etc)

P.S. The playdough creations might turn out looking really yummy.

Do bear in mind that while the playdough is taste-safe, we wouldn't recommend deliberately consuming it ;) Adult supervision is advised as there are small loose parts that may be a choking hazard. 

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