Safari Zoo Playmat with Zoo Keeper & Animals

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We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, what about you, you you? Want to extend the learning and play after a trip to the amazing Singapore Zoological Gardens? 

Here’s a Zoo Playmat set that will allow the little ones to create an adventure through pretend and imaginative play!

Best part of it: You can just bag up all the figurines and pack them into a pouch after play because there’s an elastic band that transforms the Playmat into a handy carry pouch!

To play: open the bag, lay the mat flat and tell some tall tales with the zoo train (2 carriages are connected by magnets), zoo keeper, crocodile, giraffe, lion, penguin, elephant etc.

  • Made from: Sustainable rubberwood coloured in non-toxic paints

To keep: tie up the bag with the elastic band and carry it with you on the go! 

This nifty set can be carried to a friend’s house for play! Better yet, bring it on road trips or plane trips, or a day out at the zoo too! 

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