Mikelle Self-Help Trolley

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Do you have furniture for the kids that encourage autonomy, responsibility and independent play? If not, here’s a good piece to consider.

The NEW! Mikelle Self-Help Trolley from Liliewoods is a sturdy well-built utility trolley that encourages kids to organize their play and craft materials easily. Being on wheels also means that they can have these materials within reach no matter which part of the house they are at. Your kid will be able to move his/her learning and play materials from room to room easily with this Trolley.

This trolley complements Liliewood’s WYNONA activity table as a utility storage.

Ways to use the trolley:

  • As a Sensory Play trolley with tubs of playdough, waterbeads, playmats
  • As a Craft trolley with art materials, brushes, paints, stickers, coloring pens
  • As a Book trolley with the latest and newest books added to the collection, or favourite books, or books of the month display
  • As a Toy trolley for your child to keep his favourite toys within reach so he can roll and push them anywhere
  • As a Montessori tray for individual work, set up a loose parts corner activity or a small world play set up for imaginative play for your kid and change it up every time you want to
  • As a Supermarket trolley with all the ‘masak masak’ toys for your child to set up shop, to learn how to buy and sell, and add on a cashier machine and wala! it will bring hours of fun and learning.
  • Ask us for more play ideas, and we would be happy to share it with you!

Material: Made of solid wood from sustainable sources, hard-wearing, warm and natural. All the better for our children. Complete with child-safe and eco-friendly finishing.

Dimensions : Length: 60cm Breadth: 30cm Height:60 cm

Please note that there will be a $25 delivery charge for Liliewoods Furniture. Delivery will be waived for furniture orders above $200.  Alternatively, you may opt for self-collection at Liliewoods Social, I12 Katong. 

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