CollectA Dinosaurs 2 Small World Play Kit

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We’re sure all the dino-lovers out there will enjoy small world play with the Collecta box of mini dinosaurs set 2.

This ready-to-play Sensory Play Kit contains the following:

  • CollectA Mini Dinosaurs 2
  • 500g green coloured rice
  • 500g cassia seeds
  • 1 sturdy plastic volcano

Create some volcanic eruptions with bicarbonate soda and vinegar, create a dinosaur small world play scene and your little Dino lover will have a roaring good time. 

This Collecta box of mini dinosaurs set 2 contains:

  • Velociraptor,
  • Spinosaurus, 
  • Torosaurus,
  • Brachiosaurus,
  • Ankylosaurus,
  • Quetzalcoatlus,
  • Amargasaurus,
  • Giganotosaurus,
  • Liopleurodon and
  • Apatosaurus.

Pair these collectables with your favourite sensory play mediums (waterbeads, playdough, coloured rice, cassia seeds) and you’re ready for hours of small world play!

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