Chicken Coop *new in 2020*
Chicken Coop *new in 2020*
Chicken Coop *new in 2020*

Chicken Coop *new in 2020*

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Has your child always wanted a pet but you’re not sure if your child is ready to deal with the heavy responsibility of caring for a life? Grab a chicken coop set to help your child tend to the chickens like a farmer! 

This Chicken Coop set comes with 

  • a sweet wooden chicken coop
  • a rooster, 2 hens, a little chick 
  • freshly laid eggs 
  • 2 nests 
  • a feeding trough 

This is a handy set that can be carried to a friend’s house for play! Better yet, bring it on road trips or plane trips, dentist visits or at long dinners when you want to keep the little ones busy and engaged in more than just screen time!