Rainbow Peacock

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Looking for something handy and fun to teach about colors of the rainbow? This rainbow peacock acts as a color wheel for children to learn with. It has 5 tail feathers with coloured acrylic windows that can be opened and closed like a real peacock! It fits perfectly into small hands and contains 5 colored lens through which children can look & observe the world from.

Take it on trips to the park for a spot of whimsy, to see the world in different colours. Combine 2 lens together to create a new Color and use it to teach about Color mixing too. Red & Blue lens make a shade of purple for your child to look through, while red & yellow make orange! You get the idea! 

This rainbow peacock’s ‘tail feathers’ that act as lens are flexible & easy to use. The entire product has rounded edges that protect from any scratching. 

Suitable for 18mths & above! 

  • Dimensions: 20cm H x 10cm W x 5cm L
  • Made from: Sustainable rubberwood coloured in non-toxic paints with acrylic coloured windows

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