Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
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Gift Registry


Has your child ever received a gift he/she already had or did not really enjoy playing with? Do you wish your family and friends had a way to find a gift that would suit your child’s current interest? 

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” - William Morris

One of the ways we can enjoy our homes and play areas, minimise clutter and reduce wastage, would be to carefully choose the items that come into our home. We hope our Gift Registry will help you to share your wishlist, and the things that would spark joy for you and your children this gifting season.

And so....Welcome to our GIFT REGISTRY!
Find gifts that you love to give and receive.

There is something for everyone in our one-stop sensory play store. If you need a baby gift, we've got it! If you'd like fresh, taste-safe scented playdough, we've got them too! Would you like to add some heirloom toys to your nursery as your child grows? We have a wide range of finely crafted wooden toys for your selection.

You just need to share the gift registry you have created for the children, and your family and friends will be more than happy to purchase an age-appropriate, interest-led, educational gift that encourages wonder and playful learning. 

Ready to get started? Here's what you need to do:

1. Create your Gift Registry here

2. Head to our online store and browse the toys and activity sets you think will be most appropriate for your child. You will see an "Add to Registry" button. Click that and the product will be added to your personal gift registry.

3. You will now have a place to call home in our webstore, and you can share a link and direct friends and family to your gift registry for the children! It will look like something like this:


4. Your loved ones will now be able view at a glance the family's wish list, and quickly & conveniently select a gift from the selection! When a gift is carted out from the gift registry, the item is reflected as "Has" instead of "Wants". That way, you will know when someone has already carted out the item. 

We hope this will help everyone find Christmas gifting more manageable as we are blessed and are a blessing to others too!