11 piece Large Rainbow Semicircles

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This unique semi-circles set for building opens the door to new possibilities for many a budding architect!

There are 11 wooden half-round pieces, each one smaller in size than the one under it. These versatile pieces can be stacked up to create sweeping staircases, or used as semicircular floors for doll houses, or even just to create pictures on the floor with. 

Pair this with the Grimm’s 12 piece Large Rainbow to create amazing multi-story towers to house many creatures and dolls! It’s best used with the Large Rainbow tunnel! 

Children will have no trouble dreaming up creative ways to include circular and semi-circular shapes into their construction. They can easily create sturdy 3D tall structures with the Large Rainbow tunnel(See other listing). 

Made with lime wood & non-toxic water-based color stain. 





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