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Bluebird Villa w/ accessories (on a swivel base)

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Award wining design!! 🥇 When you find a beautifully crafted wooden 3-storey doll house that rotates on a swivel, you know you’ve hit jackpot! Especially if it’s a winner of an independent toy assessor award too! 

Give your child the doll house of his/her dreams with this fully furnished and intricately decorated Bluebird Villa. The pillars and walls of the rooms come in different beautiful colors and the floors are also differentiated for the different rooms. Each room has windows that are painted in pretty colors.

This beautiful doll house offers all round play as it is open on all sides, and the best part is that it can turn on a brillant swivel base! Our child only needs to rotate the house to move the dolls from room to room, without having to physically move around the different sides. 

The Bluebird Villa is constructed from the finest grade plywood for durability, has 3 floors and 8 rooms and is hand painted with non-toxic water stain. All the furniture pieces included in this set are made with beautiful rubberwood and wood stained with gorgeous pastel  colours as you can see in the picture. 

Dimensions: 48cm by 40cm by 68cm(height) 

Can you see how versatile and dreamy this Villa is? 

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