Desert Animals Toob *rare animals*
Desert Animals Toob *rare animals*
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Desert Animals Toob *rare animals*

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Expand your Animal Collection with the Desert Animals TOOB®. 

Deserts are scorching hot and lack rainfall, yet these forms of wildlife manage to live there. This Toob contains a horned lizard, budding saguaro cactus, road runner, scorpion, rattlesnake, coyote, big horn ram, bobcat, armadillo, mountain lion and prairie dog.

These  figurines are excellent for imaginative small world play, educational purposes, or as additions to a diorama. Best of all, with this Toob, you don’t have to endure the desert’s intense heat to observe and interact with its incredible wildlife!

Each model is painted with scientific accuracy in mind, such as the horned lizard’s sand colored scales that allow it to blend in to the environment and avoid detection, and are excellent for play, education, or as a gift for a nature enthusiast.


Safari Ltd® TOOBS® are individually hand painted minatures with vibrant colors and accurate detail. TOOBS® are perfect for small world play for children, as they can explore with pretend play, take note of the intricate details of each animal in the palm of their hands.


  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Figurunes Measure 1.5” to 3” (4 to 7.5 cm)

All Toobs products are lead-free and thoroughly safety-tested.