Dovetail Kids’ Room Furniture Set (Hot Favourite!
Dovetail Kids’ Room Furniture Set (Hot Favourite!
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Dovetail Kids’ Room Furniture Set (Hot Favourite!

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When you find a beautifully crafted wooden doll house furniture set from the Tender Leaf Toys designers, you know you’ve hit jackpot! 

This wooden kids’ room furniture set is a perfect accessory for any doll house if your child is into imaginative pretend play! And if he/she is not, it’s time to present her with the beautiful dollhouse accessories from  this range. 

This set consists of 14 pieces of furniture including two bear-themed single beds with blanket & pillow, a baby cot with a baby inside, rocking chair for mummy,  rocking horse toy for kids, baby changing table & wardrobe, kids play table & chair, carpet, etc. See pics for more details. All pieces are intricately design with amazing details (for eg. the pillows & blankets for the beds! 

All are made from Sustainable rubberwood and resources. Check out the other sets in this series, which we love. We do think it can be handed down for generations.