Espresso Machine
Espresso Machine
Espresso Machine
Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine

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Have a kid who loves the smell of your coffee or loves to watch you at your Nespresso machine? Let him/her have his/her very own espresso maker to make you a cup of cappuccino or latte every morning or afternoon. You’ll have budding barista in the house soon! We think this makes a great birthday present for any toddler for some kitchen themed fun. 

This pretty set has all you need to make delicious coffees with. It is designed perfectly for little hands to pretend play with. 

This set includes: 

  • 2 pretty coffee cups 
  • A milk jug
  • 5 coffee pods of different flavours
  • An espresso machine with dials that turn & clack!
  • Made from Sustainable rubberwood coloured in non-toxic paints

Add on our baker’s mixing set or afternoon tea tray for a good pairing of kitchen themed pretend play!(see other listing) 

This is a handy set that can be carried to a friend’s house for play! Better yet, when hosting long dinners, you can bring out this set to keep the little ones busy engaged.