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Life Cycle of A Honey Bee

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Looking for lead-free & safety tested products to teach your children abt Life cycles of insects, creatures, amphibians & plants? Look no further than the realistic and detailed products of the Safariology® Life Cycles.

Here’s a Honey Bee Life Cycle set for the insect lovers. Where does honey come from? And how do bees grow? Do they come from eggs? 

Life in a beehive is a busy one, with workers, drones, and a queen crowded together with eggs, larvae, and pupae. Observe their life stages in close detail and learn about each stage through hands-on play.

Each Life Cycle of a Honey Bee set contains:

  • Egg
  • Larva
  • Pupa
  • Honey Bee

Giving children manipulatives like these to squeeze, touch, and play with provides them with a tactile and sensory experience that makes the scientific concepts easier and more relatable. Try them today! 

Note: Honey Bee Figurine measures: 3.5” W (9cm) 

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