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Life Cycle of A Worm

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The Life Cycle of a Worm features the four stages of this little earth-digging creature. Their lemon-shaped eggs give birth to hatchlings, which slowly grow to juveniles. Months later, they become adult worms, capable of beginning the cycle anew. Its scientific name is the Lumbricus terrestris (if you'd like to know!) 

Worms may look simple, just a slender tube slithering through the dirt, but they are complex creatures that work hard to improve soil tilth and quality.

Matching the pinkish-brown color of earthworms, the figures come in a 7 ¾ wide by 9 inches tall blister pack, about the size of a tablet. The adult worm featured in the set measures 3 ½ inches long.

All products are Non-toxic and BPA free.


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