Ocamora Rainbow Trees 🌈

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Perfect for small world pretend play, these 10 Ocamora Rainbow trees are not only gorgeous in their rainbow hues, they are also sturdy and well made for young ones. They are suitable for play from birth.Β 

Each tree has a different shape and Color: 5 of them are in warm autumn & spring colours, while the other 5 are in cool wintry colours. Use these trees to teach abt different types of trees & enrich them with knowledge abt our natural world.

Our Creative kids even use them as pretend play ice creams that they can sell these at their pretend play set up! The sky’s the limit with endless ways to play with these, especially if you use them with other wooden animals too!Β 

These trees are really sturdy pieces of wood trees, with the wood grains clearly kept with the dyeing of the wood naturally. We love how they fire the imagination and yet will make any playroom look gorgeous when displayed! Rainbow trees, what’s there not to Love.Β 

[White Play Tray & Rainbow Rice not included]Β 

Β PS: U get FOC delivery for this set of 10 Rainbow trees!Β 



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