Tickle Your Senses

Sensory Play Plate

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Create an INVITATION TO PLAY with our sensory play plate! This sturdy white plate with 5 sections does not topple easily, is easy to clean, and solid enough to hold all your sensory play goodies for an afternoon of creative fun. Fill it up with theme-based DOUGH accessories from our store, some dough balls and watch your child create with the loose parts that you provide! Laying them all out on a plate like this makes it so aesthetically inviting and will surely excite your child!

This is the best invitation to play that they can wake up to after a nap or a night’s rest! So, go on, surprise them!

The moms have fun creating the invitation to play too when searching for items to fill up each section of the plate!

N.B. Accessories not included with the sensory play plate

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