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Build-A-Snowman+ Reindeer Playdough Kit- Best Seller for Christmas!

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Our Signature Build-A-Snowman+ Reindeer Playdough Kit is perfect for Christmas! We kid you not that every Christmas, we've got the children making tonnes of playdough snowmen/Olafs & Rudolphs to their hearts' content with this kit! They simply love it! 

"Do you wanna build a Snowmaaaan? Come on, let's go and plaayyyy....." 

Our "Build-A-Snowman+ Reindeer" Kit is a special Christmas version of our popular Body Parts Playdough Kit. The varied pieces of accessories provides everything you need to build a snowman and a reindeer!

Don't worry, you will have enough spare parts to build more than 1 snowman! We've included accessories that will get you in the mood for some festive fun with dough!

  • 4 150g tubs of red, brown, green and white playdough
  • Accessories for building Snowman, a Reindeer [top hat, twig hands, buttons for noses, candy canes, reindeer antlers!]
  • 1 Snowflake Stamper
  • A handy playdough mat that sets the scene for winter wonderland! 

Creating with Playdough is really effective for the building of fine motor skills,  training muscle strength, wrist control, dexterity of fingers, and igniting one's imagination. 

N.B. This kit is suitable for children 2.5 years and up. This kit contains small parts and should be played under adult supervision.

    Choose from 2 delivery dates, depending on when you intend to open up the dough tubs that are chemical free: 

    • If you intend to use the playdough kit for a playdate with friends to play within 2 weeks of purchase, you can choose an earlier delivery date.
    • If you intend to give it as a Christmas gift at end Dec, choose a later delivery date so the playdough can be made fresh later for you to give away.