Tactile Lower Case ABC Puzzle

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Want to teach about lower case letters in a fun way?

Try this brightly colored lower case wood puzzle that allows kids to touch & feel what each letter is like. This offers a tactile way for them to learn the form of each letter. Throw them into a rainbow rice tray & get the kids to search for the letters to match the corresponding words & letters on the board. 

When necessary, the letters and puzzle pieces differ in height just like how we would need more space to write ‘p’ or ‘d’ instead of ‘o’. This puzzle creates for of play and learning value.

The sensory play way is a fun way to get started on lower case letters . Hide these pieces into rainbow colored rice for kids to search and hunt for the pieces by Color or by Letter before they piece it together to form the complete puzzle! 

It makes a good birthday present too if u’d prefer a more educational gift! 

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