"The Circus Ship" Waterbeads Book Kit

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Have you read the humourous story of The Circus Ship by Chris Van Duden this July! Don’t we all love a story where the good folks outwit the mean bully? This picture book with its catchy rhymes & beautiful graphics is sure to captivate the kids.

Engage in a sensory experience with waterbeads as we ride the stormy waves of this Circus Ship! 

This Waterbeads Book Kit contains:

  • 1 softcover "The Circus Ship" Picture Book (optional)
  • 1 Wild Toob with 12 animal figurines ( a giraffe, brown bear, tiger, camel, lion, crocodile, gorilla, hippo, rhino, zebra, panther and elephant)
  • 1 450g tub of blue waterbeads 
  • 1 packet of unsoaked waterbeads so you can have more waterbeads to play with
  • 1 tweezer and 1 handyscooper for fine motor skills practice
  • 1 "How to Grow your Waterbeads" instruction card