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Winter Wonderland Arctic Snow Kit

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Want to create a small world winter wonderland right here in your living room? Here’s the perfect kit to do so. 

Small world play ignites big imaginations so let your children play with the oh-so-soft and magical snow powder that we have brought in. Watch how the snow grows as you follow instructions on how to create them. Sink your hands in and feel the magic! 

Made artic animals and figurines to create a scene of Col and magical Winter too! U’ll love it.

Your Artic Snow-themed Kit consists of
1) 4 test tubes of Snow-powder for you to create snow
2) 1 Artic-themed Toobs Set
3) 1 packet of Foam Snowflakes
4)1 Handy Scooper

Feel free to write to us if you need more ideas. We have create a Playcard with suggestions and ideas for you in this kit! 

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