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Body Parts Playdough Kit- One of our Best Sellers!

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Do you have fond memories of playing with Mr Potato Head when you were young? This Body Parts Playdough kit is just like it! Make any wacky figure you like, identify parts of the body with your child, and have lots of creative fun together. Create stories of any creatures you make with this Body Parts Kit! Check out the pictures on this page for some ideas! 

Each Body Parts Kit will come with 4 tubs (150g each) of our taste-safe playdough (green, orange, blue and yellow) and a set of 26-piece body parts and an extruder (for funny hairdos!).

[Please note that the body parts are made of plastic and might have some sharp edges. Adult supervision is advised  as your child plays with this kit because there are small parts too. Nonetheless, this is a really fun kit for lots of creativity, really! Colours of body parts and extruders may vary as well.]

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