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Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Find out more here. If you can't find the answers, drop us an email at hello@tickleyoursenses.sg or DM us on Instagram and we'll be happy to help!



1.What are Water Beads?

Water beads are an amazing sensory play material that we love. They are essentially inert polymer water substitutes for plants. Hence, they are mostly made of water and will gradually release water over time if they are left out in the open. They have been used as water substitutes for plants in indoor places like small pots of plants in offices or homes etc. Our waterbeads are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-scented non-flammable, and hence safe for young ones to play with (with adult supervision, if possible, especially for the first time).

2. Is it dangerous if the water beads break apart?

It is natural for the water beads to break apart since they are essentially made of water, so under pressure, they will break apart and dissolve. Broken beads are not harmful, nor are they dangerous for use. As with all play items, waterbeads should be played under supervision. After each play, throw the broken ones away, wash and strain the excess water away from the rest of the unbroken beads. Keep the waterbeads back into the air tight container that we provide and you can bring them out for play again the next time.

3. Can the water beads be used multiple times? Is there a shelf life for water beads?

Yes, they can be played with many times! Shelf life depends on the frequency of use. On average, the water beads should last for 3-4 months if used once a week. After playing with them, waterbeads should be rinsed with clean water, and strained to remove excess water, to maintain the firm texture. Avoid leaving them soaked in water for prolonged periods for time as they will become too soft and break easily. Store them without soaking them in water. If you feel that they have become smaller, just soak them in water again to rehydrate them to a bigger, firmer size.

4. What ages are these waterbeads suitable for?

With adult supervision, these waterbeads are suitable from ages 18 months and up. These are biodegradable and inert polymers, so they should be passed out of the body if accidentally consumed. Still, they should not be as far as possible put into the mouth, even if it is not dangerous. Hence, we would advise supervision when children play with them so that they will reap the most of this sensory material. Children from 3 years old and up should be able to play with them quite easily and effectively on their own, scooping and pouring and squishing them for fun. 

5. Are the waterbeads suitable for older children, like teenagers?

Yes! In fact, they are suitable for all ages. Whenever we set up the waterbeads table at pop up fairs, groups of teenagers will spend hours at our waterbeads area just enjoying the sensation of dipping them hands into the waterbeads tubs. Adults, parents themselves have told us how much they love playing with the waterbeads because it is quite therapeutic to soak their hands in water and to feel the waterbeads flow and glide between their fingers. If you are looking for some form of therapy that is cheap and effectively, give waterbeads a go too! 

Waterbeads have also been used as part of hand and foot spas as well. Therapists also use these for physiotherapy for patients, or anyone who might benefit from sensory stimulating on their hands and feet even! So, yes, teenagers, adults, and even grandparents can also play with them, and they especially enjoy watching them grow too. Its not expensive, so do try it out for yourself. 

6. I want to buy a present. What would you recommend for gift purchase?

Decide on the theme of the waterbeads kit that you like. Is it rainbow themed or the colors of the sea themed, or princess and castle themed ones that you like? It is really about the individual preference. Our Rainbow waterbeads kits have been the best sellers so far! So, just hit the store to choose what works best for you!


1.What is your handmade playdough made of?

Our playdough is made of plain flour, salt, water, cream of tartar, oil and food coloring. These ingredients are definitely taste-safe for little ones, though they might taste quite salty if consumed. :) We also add a few drops of essential oil to engage your child's sense of smell too as he/she kneads the dough. This is known to soothe their senses, not just tickle them! Should you like the playdough to be unscented, we have that option for you too. Just write a note to us when you make your order online.

2. Is there a shelf life for playdough?

Our playdough has been tested on many little hands to last for 2-3 months when played on a daily basis. You can increase the shelf life of our playdough by really playing with it more often because the kneading of the dough releases the essential oils better.

Don't keep the tubs away, let your child play with them regularly. It is best to play with clean and dry hands so that food or oil does not get trapped in the dough. After they are done playing, store them in a cool and dry place in the air-tight containers that we provide. Always keep the playdough after a play session to prevent them from drying out in the open, but don't keep them away for good.

After 3 months, put them to the sight and smell test, and if they still feel good, and smell good enough for you, continue playing with them. If not, then its time to order another fresh batch of soft dough for your child! Our value proposition is in producing the freshest and safest dough that cannot be found anywhere else!

3. How is your playdough different from commercial ones?

Our playdough does not contain any harmful, foul-smelling chemicals. They are made of only foodgrade ingredients and the only preservative we use is salt. Our perfectly-textured playdough does not flake off as easily into bits, and the color does not bleed or stain anything. It makes cleaning up easier.

Our taste-safe, scented playdough smells awesome because we add essential oils to our dough to complete the sensory experience (sight, smell, touch). Your child may be keen to tickle their sense of taste, but it might be quite a salty experience! 

Still, sensory play materials do require some cleaning up after play, they are not like lego bricks or tech toys, but our playdough is as good as it gets when it comes to being easy for cleaning up. Really. If you don't believe us, just read the many reviews of our dough on Instagram or Facebook, and you'll see that we are not bluffing. #crossourheart. Most importantly, our playdough is non-toxic and taste-safe, so even if it is put into the mouth, it's all okay!

4. What age is playdough suitable for?

All ages really. It is suitable from ages 18 months and up since it requires a child to be able to hold his/her head up comfortably to manipulate the dough and for hand and eye coordination. Even up to 9 or 10 years of age, children have enjoyed playing with our playdough because it is really an outlet of creativity if only we give them the opportunity to do so. Older kids tend to make more intricate creations since their fine motor skills are more developed. 

5. I want to buy a present. What would you recommend for gift purchase?

Our basic dough cutter kits (eg. shapes, alphabets, farm animals) are more suitable for pre-schoolers since it will help them to learn about these important items. Our bodyparts kits have been the best sellers so far even for primary schoolers, both the classic 'Bodyparts kit' and the 'Build-a-snowman' bodyparts kit (available during Christmas only) have always garnered rave reviews, even from international customers.

Our play kits have been enjoyed thoroughly by preschoolers and even primary school going children, so it’s really up to you to gift them with it. Did you know that playdough has also been used for therapy by counsellors to encourage expression in teenagers or adults as well?

6. Can I buy just the tubs of dough for my preschool? Can you supply them on a subscription basis?

Yes, we offer big tubs of dough in whatever colors you like for your preschoolers. We are in the midst of designing learning activities along with the dough tubs for our subscription option. You can join our bi-monthly subscription if you like, or buy it once off based on a theme that your class is working on. Many of our fans are preschool teachers who love that our playdough is so safe and so good to the touch. If you are a teacher or principal, drop us an email and we will provide you with more details.

7. I want to design a special playdough kit for my child. I can't find what I want in the shop yet. Can you help?

YES! We are BIG ON CUSTOMISATION. So, yes, we can definitely customise something special for your child. Drop us an email (hello@tickleyoursenses.sg) and tell us what your child is interested in and we'll figure something out together! 


1. Can I customise the dough tubs to whatever party theme I like?

Yes, you can!  We can do any theme you like and can customise a personalised sticker that says any message you want in (8 words or less).  We have done loads of different themes (Lego, Frozen, Princess, Moana, My Little Pony, etc) and you follow our Instagram feed to see the countless samples of what have done for our customers. Check out our party favour page for more ideas too.  If not, email us to tell us what you want. 

2. Can I customise the dough tubs for a wedding or a corporate event?

Yes, you can!  We have had several requests! This december, we are actually supplying some party favors for a wedding and can certainly design the tubs and personalised sticker in line with your wedding or company theme.  Drop us an email for an obligation-free discussion.

Playdough for adults has been used in corporate events for team bonding, envisioning exercises,  collaborative inquiry, divergent thinking processes etc. We can customise them to the colors of your company and design the tubs based on your company logo or event needs. Some companies that we have worked with include 'Ford' cars for example. 

3. Is there a minimum order for party favours?

Yes, there is a minimum order of 10 tubs only.

4. Can I order waterbeads for party favours instead?

Yes, you can! drop us a line and we'll tell you about the options available.

5. Can I order colored rice for party favours instead?

Yes, you can! drop us a line and we'll tell you about the options available. 

Coloured Rice

1. What is your coloured rice made of?

It is made of rice and food colouring. We put the coloured rice through a drying process in the production so that the colours are vibrant and yet the rice feels nice and dry to the touch.

2. What do I need to take note of when playing with coloured rice?

To maintain the best quality of the rice, please ensure that your child's hands are dry when playing with them. Wet rice will not keep well or for long, so keep the rice as dry as possible when playing or storing them. All our ingredients are natural and of food grade quality, so with moisture, it will naturally spoil.

3. How should my child play with coloured rice?

Let the young ones scoop, pour, sift and sink their fingers into the coloured rice tub to develop their fine motor skills and sensory acuities. Give them bottles and funnels and let them pour the rice into different containers. Our Rice Kit comes with non-edible decorative candy canes, rainbows and lollipops that you can hide in the coloured rice for some searching and hunting fun as part of your Christmas games for example! Hide other items of your own to play word and numbers hunt with alphabets, numbers or figurines! Check out our FB page or instagram feed for videos on how to play with them.

You can also get your child to trace and write letters in a tray of coloured rice as the letters will come out clearly against coloured rice. Alternatively, use our coloured rice to make coloured rice art pieces! 

4. How should I store the coloured rice?

Please store them back into the airtight containers that we provide. If you'll like to dry them further before storage, you can spread them out on a tray with a big surface area to air dry for sometime before storing them. They will keep for longer duration if kept clean and dry.

5. Can I order coloured rice in any colours I like?

Yes, we currently offer 2 tubs of coloured rice per kit, so you can choose any 2 colors you like and we'll create them for you. If you'll like 4 colours of rice, then we can also make a special exception for you to put 2 colors of rice in each tub if advance notice is given. Drop us an email to make your request at hello@tickleyoursenses.sg


1. The item I want is currently out of stock. When will it be restocked? Can I pre-order?

If the item is out of stock for more than 2 weeks, this means that our supplier is also out of the item. We would encourage customers to check our site weekly for restock of popular sensory kits or join the waitlist for them.

YES! We do take pre-orders for some brands too! So long as we can secure the stock, we will be confident in taking the pre-orders. So if you can afford to wait, just pre-order them! 

Drop us an email hello@tickleyoursenses.sg or DM us on Instagram Manager @tickleyoursenses to indicate your interest and we can alert you once the item is back in stock again.

2. What if I want to exchange an item or ask for a refund? 

Should an item that is faulty reach you, within 48 hours, please kindly send us a photo of the problem part via email (hello@tickleyoursenses.sg) or Instagram messenger (@tickleyoursenses), we will typically get back to you within 48 hours to work out how the exchange can be done. We understand that sometimes customers might mistakenly buy 2 of the same item, and might want a refund for the 2nd item. We usually offer refunds in terms of store credits so that you can purchase a different item instead.

We are unable to offer an exchange for these cases, however:

    • Wood based items that have wood grains, blemishes, dark spots that are due to the nature of the wood piece, and not due to defects
    • Hand-made items that again, are unique and might not look exactly like the photos presented
    • Discounted & seasonal items that are sold at lower prices already
    • Wrong orders made by customers who might have clicked wrongly or misread the items
    • Used items that have been damaged by wear and tear 

    All items leave our shop BRAND NEW, we do not sell samples, so please note that sometimes wood products or hand made products will not be as perfect/beautiful as plastic toys and products. They bear the nature of their material: which is wood, buffeted by nature, and shaped by its environment. 

    OK! I have more questions, what do I do? 

    Drop us an email anytime at hello@tickleyoursenses.sg or just Instagram message us @tickleyoursenses and our crew will be happy to answer your queries. Don't be shy, we are a friendly bunch! We answer queries on a daily basis, so just get in touch with us anytime!