Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
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Hello! Welcome to Tickle Your Senses! We are known as the Sensory Play Specialists. We are educators at heart who want to share our love for learning through play. We have since expanded our team to include other like-minded educators who share our love for children and play. We wouldn't have come so far without the passionate teammates who support us with their talents and gifts too.

The aim of our little shop is to help your children have fun learning with the best tools that they have – their senses! When you shop with us, please know that you are supporting our humble dream to make sensory play a staple for children. 

The Sensory Play Specialists

CC, a homemaker of three, is a trained secondary school teacher. She is passionate about making learning fun for children. She started making playdough for her young children because she was not impressed with the commercial ones available. After experimenting with countless playdough recipes, she finally found the perfect one and is happy to share this handmade goodness with other children.

F loves to create sensory play experiences for her children too. She started with the humble production of colored rice, cloud dough, and moved on to water beads and colored sand for her children. She was reluctant to start her children on playdough because of the artificial smell and colours of commercial dough. All that changed when her child fell in love with the soft and pliable play dough that they could produce. Since then, all our children have had the luxury of playing with freshly made dough all the time.

Our Belief

We are educators who we love what we do. Naturally, our playdough kits are meant to educate your children about different concepts that are age-appropriate. We believe that it is perfectly fine for children to squish, stamp, roll, scoop and pour, because these are what all children do with Sensory play

Some mess created after Sensory play is inevitable. Modern day children live in such sanitised conditions that they often don’t get the opportunity to fully engage their senses. Give sensory play a chance to open the eyes of your child to new experiences. Cleaning up is not all that impossible. Trust us when we say that we have tried our best to keep it as fuss free as possible for the adults. 

Our Sensory Play Kits

We have spent days and nights discussing and ruminating about how to create the perfect toolkits for children to learn through play. It is always after months of brainwork and heartwork that we dare to present to you our parent-approved and child-endorsed Sensory Play toolkits. 

Our children are our first playkit/ toy testers. Before we sell anything, we put them through the test of our children’s hands. They tell us what they like or don’t like about the kits so that we can refine them and improve on them. Hence, our guarantee is that we only sell products that are good enough for our own children. If its not good enough for our own children, we won’t sell them to you! #truestory

As Fred Rogers, an educator and activist puts it 

‘Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is the real world of childhood’  

Come, let the children to explore the world of Sensory play, the real world of childhood.

Our Brands

We have, over the years, come to know of brands who complement our passion for sensory play and learning. It has been our pleasure to be ambassadors for these creators and makers of products that open your child's world to fun and learning.

Find our partners here.