Bestseller! Playdough Toolkit
Bestseller! Playdough Toolkit
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Bestseller! Playdough Toolkit

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This is hands down one of our best sellers in the shop! No prizes for guessing why because this toolkit is so versatile and functional that it is a must-have for any young playdough explorer! Our basic Playdough Toolkit gives your child the essential skills to develop fine motor skills for school and play!

This 5-piece toolkit gives your child the opportunity to cut, slice, roll, press and shape to his/her heart’s content! The child-friendly playdough scissors for example, is the best way to start your child on how to cut and to help them him/her to practice the finger grip necessary for holding the pencil firmly in the future.

Need to travel? Bring 1 dough tub with you, along with a few pieces of this toolkit, and you'll have enough tools to keep your child occupied for a while! 

Accessories included are:

  • child-friendly playdough scissors
  • pizza straight cut roller
  • jagged-edged roller
  • good-sized rolling pin
  • roller press