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Rainbow Dry Waterbeads

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If you had alot of fun with our Waterbeads Kits and need more water beads, we have our Rainbow WaterBeads (55g) set for you! This set of 11 individually-packed waterbeads (5g per packet) allows you to pick and choose the colours of the beads you want to soak and have fun with while saving the rest for a later date. You might want to have a rainbow waterbeads display in a vase for a special occasion too!

Try science experiments with these waterbeads too. Soak them in hot water and record how fast they take to grow to full size. Then soak them in cold water and record the difference in speed of growth or size. Put dry unsoaked ones into ice cube trays, add water, and freeze these waterbeads to see what happens. There are loads of ideas that we have, so follow our IG feed for more ideas on play!

*As with other forms of water play, we advise adult supervision when engaging in waterbeads sensory play.

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