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A Look into Maths101 To Go Number and Measurement Level 2 Kit - Review

Edx Education Learning Kits Maths101

We love to share play and learn ideas from home-learning mothers and educators we've come to know through this small business, and hope you will be inspired by their activities that they do at home with their children. We enjoy working with like-minded parents who love to help their children play and learn!

In today's post, we welcome Yvette, a certified preschool educator with years of experience teaching preschoolers. Her ideas are simple, engaging and definitely doable right at home. She writes and shares her experience and ideas at @childrenlovetoplay on Instagram. Happy Reading!

| Number Bonds: Shake & Spill |⁣

M4 is revising his number bonds this week. We start with making five: We put five counters in a cup and he will shake it and pour out to see how many blue and red counters make 5. This is an essential exercise for preschoolers to practise to eventually understand part-part-whole, because they are using the same five counters and they come out with different variation to make 5. ⁣

There are 25 fun games and activities suggested in the guidebook. My kids opened the case and they already came up with their own activities. M4 did addition with both dice, the counters and ten-frames. N2 enjoys putting counters on the dots (one to one correspondence). I believe this kit can easily go beyond 25 activities. Hurray to #handsonlearning 🙌⁣

See the cube links in the pictures? We bought the Edx Theme Park set last year, that consist of the same links which we have already been using for our math learning! This kit already provided 40 link cubes, sufficient to do measurements and make patterns.⁣

| Domino Math: Subitise and Addition |⁣

Don't underestimate the positions of dots on your dice and dominos. It is actually a skill call "subitising" - the ability to know the (small group of) number of dots without actually counting them. M4 likes adding the dots so I played some count-the-dots games with him. Swipe to see the various invitations and self-led learning taking place. ⁣

This kit also comes with subitise cards - dots that are positioned like what you see on the dice, and also a version that the dots are positioned differently. This will greatly help the kids to visualise the quantity in small groups with rapid speed.⁣

We are also learning skip count by 2 this month and using the kit's counters to help him. He will always skip count by 2 first, then count individually and always amazed they arrived at the same number 🤣. (Always let your child derive the answer from various ways to help then to understand number concept better).⁣


Resources from this post are from Edx Education's Math 101 Number and Measurement Level 2 kit. View all Early Math 101 Kits here.

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