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Small Businesses born from Motherhood

Motherhood is quite a life-changing experience for women. As new life is birthed, so new priorities and aspirations are born too. Many young mothers find themselves making adjustments to make space for growth in the family. Over the course of our time here at Tickle Your Senses, we are privileged to get to know new partners and friends as we grow together. 

This May, the month where we celebrate the mothers we are, and the mothers we know, we want to honour 3 woman who have used their time and creativity during Motherhood to birth not only their babies, but their small businesses and craft too! May they inspire you to take time to do something you love too! 

Claire is the driving force behind the ever-evolving innovative products at Jellystone Designs. As a mum to three young children, she took on the Jellystone Designs brand in 2016 as a creative outlet, hoping it would bring new possibilities and balance to mum life. Since then, the brand has grown substantially: winning awards for their original products, constantly expanding their collection, and growing their fabulous team. 

Fun, safety and functionality are at the core of Jellystone Designs' collection. Claire is constantly speaking with Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and experts to create safe silicone toys, teethers and jewellery that support babies and children everywhere to explore and enjoy the world around them. We personally love the high quality products that always have the little one's growth and wellbeing in mind as the team develops beautiful sensory play treasures for children. 

Olive Basics is a functional womenswear & maternity label founded by Gillian, mother of 3 boys. She is on a mission to only create stylish and functional staples for busy women and mothers. By creating simple design solutions for the wardrobe with a focus on fabric, form and function, Olive Basics desires to help make the lives of women that much brighter and better. 

"Every piece from Olive Basics looks like it can belong in every woman's wardrobe but come with features that mums need and love."
 – Gillian, Founder

Through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign, Olive Basics crowdfunded more than S$11,000 with the help of 70 backers all over the world and launched our very first two products, the Hannah Reversible Midi Dress and Deborah Kimono Nursing Cardigan.

As moms, we understand how important it is us that we are comfortably dressed, ready to chase our children around, yet presentable enough to head out with friends and family without looking like a hag! Check out Olive Basic's simple and functional pieces that will suit all occasions, from baby bump and beyond. 

Oh yes, if you'd like to get both the new mom and newborn a gift (and even a sibling too!), head over to their Build-A-Gift Page where there's something for everyone!

Sarah Ang is a picture book author and illustrator who seamlessly blends her scientific background with the world of art. Her passion lies in the exploration of life and nature, and her favourite mediums are watercolour and ink.

We met Sarah through her beautifully illustrated picture book "Charlie the Sweeper" and had a run a storytime + sensory play workshop to showcase this wonderfully written piece of art! You know you've hit the nail on the head when the children are still, engaged and listening to the story while poring over her watercolour illustrations. There's so much to learn from Charlie the Sweeper!

“Motherhood has really shaped who I am today. Through motherhood I fell in love with picture books. I started illustrating as a mother seeking a creative therapeutic outlet, and I started writing as a mother trying to inspire and teach lessons to my own children.” - Sarah


Take time to celebrate all the mothers you know! We all have our own gifts and talents that can make a difference in the world. Happy Mother's Day!!!

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