The Best Sensory Play Tray Ever!

Yes we've found the best sensory play tray ever! Sensory Play trays gives your child good boundaries to engage in creative exploration and learning. It helps them build a little world in which they can discover, learn and engage in tactile learning. 

This amazing play tray in bamboo fibre & melamine base makes it easy to carry around. Best of all, it has a sturdy silicon lid with imprints no less, that fits snugly over the tray so all your sensory materials can be kept away securely. Flip the silicone lid over and it works as another sensory tray too! How’s that for a 2-in-1?

😍 What’s not to love about it? We even hand carried it on a bus ride home with great ease. Take $10 off when you cart out in May and June!! ORDER NOW!

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