Chinese Strokes II Playdough Kit

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We now have Chinese Strokes II Sensory Play Cards that we designed in collaboration with the wonderful 黄老师 of Playlexue!

Introduce your preschooler to the basic strokes required to write in Chinese. We have picked another basic 16 strokes to help your child build a strong foundation in the Chinese language. Most importantly, it’ll help them learn in a fun & tactile way! 

If you've not seen the 1st set of Chinese Strokes cards, head over here

Each card contains 1 stroke for them to identify and master, and 1 complementary chinese character that uses that basic stroke, to use it in context. 

These cards are a culmination of months of hard work, editing, adapting, designing etc, together with @playlexue so we are really excited to make this a keeper for children in Singapore to learn their Chinese strokes with!

Use a white board marker, use our taste-safe, scented playdough, use playfoam, use kinetic sand, or any medium with these cards so that your child can learn Chinese through a tactile way! 

Children learn best through their sense of touch, so help them learn through this fun way today! We suggest starting with our taste-safe Playdough! 

This Chinese Strokes Sensory Play Cards II Playdough Kit contains:

  • 1 set Chinese Strokes II Sensory Play Cards designed by us (with 16 basic strokes)
  • 1 jumbo tub (450g) of our premium, taste-safe, scented playdough. You can choose your favourite colour!