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Christmas Cutters Playdough Kit

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The Christmas Cutters Playdough Kit is ideal for the Christmas Season! This is a great starter kit for the younger ones as our cutters are smooth and safe for young hands. What's more, these cutters can double up as cookie cutters as well.

Playing with Playdough is really good for building of fine motor skills, increasing muscle strength in hands, wrist control, training dexterity of fingers, and igniting the imagination of a child. This Kit is suitable for kiddos from 18th months to 4 years! The older they are, the more details they are likely to create with the dough. 

As children cut, press, stamp, peel, push, poke and Decorate their dough, you can tell them stories abt the Dove, the tree & the little man or encourage them to create stories with their imagination and expression.

The following accessories included in this kit:

  • 4 150g tubs of red, yellow, green and white playdough
  • 1 star extruder
  • 4 sturdy Christmas cutters (star, dove, tree and man)

Place your pre-order now and your Christmas kits will be delivered to you in December! Choose from 2 delivery dates, depending on when you need your playdough kit.

Please note: If you would like to use the playdough kit as an invitation to play with friends over the christmas season, you can choose an earlier delivery date.

If this is a Christmas gift, please select a later delivery date so the playdough is freshest for play and gifting!

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