Constellations Playdough Mat Printable
Tickle Your Senses

Constellations Playdough Mat Printable

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Let's learn about patterns of stars! Download this Constellations Playdough Mat, grab a tub of yellow taste-safe playdough from us and have your child create and learn with you as you identify some constellations in Space.

How to Play & Learn with Tickle Your Senses Playdough Mat Printables:

1. After you've downloaded the PDF to your computer, send to print on A4 paper (80-100gsm)

2. Laminate the printable or slip it into a A4 Hard Card Case (available at Daiso or other Stationary Stores).

3. Take out our signature taste-safe, scented playdough (if you need to order some head over here!) and follow the shapes and lines to create your word or picture! 

Enjoy all the playdough fun!