Grimms 11 Rainbow Building Boards (Pastel)
Grimms 11 Rainbow Building Boards (Pastel)

Grimms 11 Rainbow Building Boards (Pastel)

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This set of 12 rainbow pastel building boards can be used on their own or combined with the pastel stepped roofs or the rainbows or cubes for building fun to create imaginary buildings of architectural wonders.

Use them to balance or stack! Kids will love building with these sturdy rainbow pastel building boards. Make towers, make steps or make fortresses with these.These are made with lime wood and have been stained with water-based colour, allowing the natural grain of the wood to be seen. 

A child can balance the rainbow pastel building boards on the stepped roofs in ascending order of length & place the rainbow friends on them too! Teach about sorting, weight & balancing with this set. They can easily create sturdy 3D tall structures with other wood toys.(See other listings of grimms toys).