Junior Geoland Activity Set
Junior Geoland Activity Set
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Junior Geoland Activity Set

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Say hello to the Junior Geoland Activity Set!

It’s an Uber fun Geometry-based set with mirrors that will stimulate your children’s imagination & allow them to except concepts like symmetry, reflection, mathematical angles in an engaging way. Yet, it also is suitable for just creative optical illusions to be made & explored! 

It comes ready to play(& learn) with a nice basic set of Geostix & pattern blocks of different shapes and colors!  This set allows for creative designs and it teaches about optical illusions as well as children look through the different mirrors. Children can form their own patterns on the base and see multi image reflections based on the degree of the angle that they place the 4 different mirrors at. Trust us when we say you’ll see their eyes light up! 

This amazing set includes:

  • 3 vertical acrylic mirrors 
  • 1 semi circle horizontal mirror 
  • 1 sturdy base frame with degree graduations
  • 30 pattern blocks of different shapes 
  • 50 Geostix of different lengths 
  • 64 2-sided activity cards