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BUNDLE DEAL Learn & Grow Toys Magnetic Rainbow Ball Run + 110 Piece Tiles

$219.60 Regular price $244.00

This is a Ball Run + Magnetic Tiles BUNDLE for First Timers who would love a good range and variety of tiles to play with! Enjoy 10% off when you purchase these sets together for lots of open-eneded play and creation. 

Oh Yes! Now you can turn your magnetic tiles into Ball Runs for lots of creative fun! Wheee....

*We highly recommend this as the 1st set of Ballrun to get for the kids, if you are wondering. Its tubes, connectors, slides are the EASIEST to fix compared to others. Dm us on IG if you want a video demo.*

This fantastic Rainbow ball run pack from Learn & Grow Toys has been launched in Australia since September 2020! It has seen a phenomenal response in Australia & has flown off the shelves many times over! We are so stoked to be able to bring it into Singapore! Use this amazing rainbow set of tubesx slides, bowls & tiles to create lotsa play and exploration opportunities for epic ball runs! 

This 88 piece sets includes everything you need to build a complete ball run! For more epic builds, pair them with more magnetic tiles to create even more massive ball mazes. This set is fully compatible with all other major magnetic tile Brands: Picasso Tiles, Connetix Tiles, Magna-Tiles and others magnetic tiles in the same size and with magnets in the same spot.

This Learn & Grow Rainbow Ball Run set includes: 

  • 32 Squares
  • 10 U shapes
  • 10 corners
  • 10 short straights
  • 6 long straights
  • 10 slides
  • 2 super bowls
  • 1 wave
  • 6 balls in color
  • Instruction booklet 

The 110 piece set includes:

  • 6 large squares
  • 40 small squares
  • 14 equilateral triangles
  • 14 right-angled triangles 
  • 14 isosceles triangles 
  • 8 half squares
  • 7 windows
  • 6 hollow squares
  • 1 car 

    Proudly brought to you by Learn & Grow Toys Australia, the same folks behind the The Creative Toy Shop! So you know for sure that they know what works best in a set of toys! Trust us! 

    Photos and Images are for advertising purposes and you might find some accessories are not included in this ball run set. You can find the triangle tiles here