Mikheev Daddy/Mommy & Baby Bear
Mikheev Daddy/Mommy & Baby Bear
Mikheev Daddy/Mommy & Baby Bear
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Mikheev Daddy/Mommy & Baby Bear

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Looking for a sweet gift for a new mom or a mom to be? Looking for a baby shower gift for a friend? Looking for a 1st birthday gift for a baby? Or a gift for a big brother Or big sister to help him/her understand that a younger sibling is arriving? 

Whatever the occasion, we think this beautiful brown  bear & baby bear pair will meet your needs. They are gorgeously painted in a handsome brown, yet the wood grains on their bodies are still visible. We love how gentle & kind they look, like the gentle giants that they are meant to be. Mikheev toys are always rounded at the edges & totally safe for young hands. 

Made of solid birch wood and coloured with water-based paint that makes the paint semi-transparent to keep wood texture & wood grains visible. 

Great for a forest or Woodlands small world set up! 

Baby: 8 х 5cm

Adult: 12 х 7cm