Ocamora Mountains

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Perfect for small world pretend play, these Ocamora Mountains are not only gorgeous in their blended hues, they are also sturdy and well made for young ones. They are suitable for play from birth. 

Each Mountain is very substantial at 20cm Long, 13cm tall & 2.5cm thick. Each cave consists of 5 differently shaped pieces of brilliantly colored wood.

IDEAS for play: Use them as a stacker toy, or to create imaginative structures with. Use them as waves, rocks or platforms for a small world play set up. Or lay them flat to create a path or bridge with them, and use them with other objects or animals in a small world play scene. The sky’s the limit with endless ways to play with these, especially if you combine 2 or more Mountains or Caves together. 

These are really sturdy pieces of wood, with the wood grains clearly kept with the dyeing of the wood naturally. We love how they fire the imagination and yet will make any playroom look gorgeous even when used for display.




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