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Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
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Ocamora Wood Collection

The talented team behind Ocamora, design and produce their unique wood toy products after much thought and care. Each toy is designed, cut, sanded and shaped in their inspiring workshop nestled in nature. 

They use wood from sustainably managed forests, eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils to make toys that are 100% free from chemicals – making them safe for little ones to play with. That’s why Ocamora products are totally aligned with our taste-safe philosophy that we advocate with our playdough. 

Ocamora products are designed to give free rein to children’s imaginations, just like our playdough & sensory play materials! Let the children play and learn naturally when they feel and smell the rich character of wood. 

Wood is an incredibly durable natural material. Just like every tree, each piece of wood is unique. Each piece has its own unique “flaws” and this is what makes wood such a fascinating material to learn and play with. There might be pieces of wood toys in which you’ll find knots, moles, black spots, which are all a natural part of a wood toy. Just like how a human body might have its moles, spots & blemishes. A knot is where the wood is cut at a part where a branch would have grown out if it were left to grow. Black spots are a result of mineral deposits in wood etc. Black stripes are part of the pith tube & is where the wood will be darker that it’s surrounding parts etc. Learn to accept these as part of nature’s creation & embrace them as the uniqueness of the wood toy you bought. 

Ocamora’s gorgeous wooden products are handmade with love, just like our playdough! 

For wholesale enquiries for Ocamora products, please drop us an email at hello@tickleyoursenses.sg!