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Welcome to Singapore's One-Stop Sensory Play Store. Enjoy Free Local Shipping above $90!
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Grimm’s is a family-owned company that have developed, manufactured and sold wooden toys since 1978. Grimm’s designs toys that are timeless, simple yet aesthetically beautiful and inviting. Their toys are suited for all ages, and are products that are played with over and over again. To own a Grimms is to own a heirloom toy that can be passed from one generation to another due to their quality.

Committed to the pedagogical guidelines of Montessori and Waldorf, Grimm’s offer open-ended toys made of sustainably sourced wood for both children and adults. Their toys are used extensively in many early childhood specialists kindergartens and by speech and occupational therapists to improve and extend fine motor skills and mathematical reasoning.

Grimm’s products encapsulate a balance of innovative and minimalistic design which serves to inspire creativity rather than to limit it. As children grow, their needs change, and they find different ways to play with open-ended toys. Grimm’s toys will grow with children, accompanying them beyond childhood. Gift your child an heirloom toy today. 

Wood is a durable material but also clearly a product of nature, with its ‘flaws’ & ‘blemishes’ from growing in nature. Do note that there will be pieces of wood toys in which you’ll find knots, moles, black spots, which are all a natural part of a wood toy. Just like how a human body might have its moles, spots & blemishes. A knot is where the wood is cut at a part where a branch would have grown out if it were left to grow. Black spots are a result of mineral deposits in wood etc. Black stripes are part of the pith tube & is where the wood will be darker that it’s surrounding parts etc. Learn to accept these as part of nature’s creation & embrace them as the uniqueness of the wood toy you bought.